360 Weddings and receptions

360 Weddings/Receptions – Up to 4hrs

                        Our 360 memories capture those special moments for your loved ones!

    1. Do you have loved ones who are unable to attend your event? “A 360 memory is a great way to help them feel like a part of your celebration”.
    2. Would you like to share your 360 video on social media? It’s become easier than ever to share and view 360 videos.
    3. in an exciting new way that most people have yet to experience.
    4. Do you want your memories captured in a realistic way? “A 360 video captures the event as it happens. Instead of a highly polished and edited montage of your day, it’s a realistic and immersive experience.
    5. It lets couples experience their event as if they were a guest.
      “They can look into the crowd and notice loved ones’ reactions or they can look upward and around to notice the details of their beautiful venue and decor”.

       Best for your son, daughter or best friends wedding and reception.

Are you interested in the latest event tech? These videos capture your memories.


      • (New) Ultimate 360 Photo Booth – 

20 Light booth + Attendant + Virtual attendant + Custom start option + Unlimited guest sessions + 4 shots per session + Online website gallery (Password protected) + 360 photos added to gallery + 360 videos added to gallery + Instant text sharing + Prop box (Hats, sunglasses, emoji’s, prop stick) + Prop table + Boomerang and GIF + Custom template (Name & Date) + Air drop + Email sharing + Video capabilities + Facebook Sharing + Twitter sharing + Live display view + Free Set up (1hr) + Free Delivery (Up to 20 miles) + Unlimited guest sessions + Touch screen + Unlimited sharing + Digital Copy of all photos + Prints

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Listed below you will find examples of our 360 photography and videography platform :

Customer Experiences –

Danielle and Terrence Hall Wedding

Photo Booth 

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Groom and a few best men creating there own moment.

Visual Testimonial

Sydney and Rommel’s wedding 

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When fathers dance with their daughters, they should be captured forever like this.

Elegant Venue Below – 

Beautiful and amazing.