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About Us

About US is all about YOU !

We are always exploring new techniques, tools and ideas of how to bring additional resources to our local economic communities. As part of our effort, in direct response to the pandemic that has shaken our nation, we have increased our available options to market our clients at our maximum capacity. As a development tool we host and inform our new and pre existing clients of  potential growth areas and resources by the traffic we analyze from our data. We highly encourage you to join our campaign in the launch of the ‘New America”, as it is taking new shape in our economy. Our campaign is specifically designed to target further growth of your business. Endorsed by Google, always us maximum results for online searches, of your virtual online business walk through.  We are confident we can help you incorporate and expand your online presence in your everyday routine as we adjust to the new normal. Imagine allowing potential customers access to your products from any part of town to any part of the world! We bring the attention needed to book your hotel rooms, venues and increase your online presence substantially. We continue to work hard and are adding new venues weekly. Business tours are created during non business hours to avoid disruption in daily routines. A one time fee is applied for permanent hosting of your virtual tour.

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With our 360 technologies and photo booth rentals, we are able to display and demonstrate to large groups of potential customers, your investment, location and brand. Cross referencing our photo booth rentals with our virtual walk through allows for unlimited online growth and increases your online presence.

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